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About Us

The Creator

Harvest Carnival (LLC) is a brand created by Joe Thomas, Native Oklahoma artist and musician.  JT is self taught in art and design programs, and hopes to use it for more than a paycheck.  To reach outside of his small town life and connect with the outside world.

The Name

A long time favorite word association, the Harvest Carnival comes in our favorite time of year.  When leaves fall and a chill enters the air.  Hoodies and Halloween are two of our favorite things after all!  We adopted this as our moniker, and some designs will reflect it, though our range will be vast.

The Process

Designs are created and will be uploaded to Amazon for printing and shipping.  If you have any trouble, contact Amazon immediately!
We will also do some screen printing and hands on work with merchandise too, finding ways to get you cool merch at a good price.  Contact us with any questions you may have.